Things to know before going for Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Dubai

Laser vaginal rejuvenation therapy or Vaginoplasty is a procedure that is known to be implemented for tightening up the vagina that has become loose from childbirth or aging. The process involves treatment of the labia that can be carried out with vaginal rejuvenation. It often becomes pretty difficult to think that a mere a reproductive hormone can have such a massive effect on your vaginal health as well as your overall wellbeing. As women proceed towards menopause, her vagina experiences immense changes that include decreased level of progesterone. Even though the changes are temporary, but they majorly impact one’s life. Estrogen not only regulates your menstrual cycle but also plays a vital role in maintaining healthy vaginal and urethral tissues.

Whenever you carry out the Laser vaginal Rejuvenation in Dubai, it will tighten your vagina, which means that both you – and any male partner – will benefit from the increased stimulation which will lead to greater sexual satisfaction and pleasure. Vaginal rejuvenation surgery has been proven to significantly improve the sex lives of many patients. An enhancement in pleasure is perhaps the number one reason women seek improvements to their vaginal health. Through this process, women can experience increased pleasure and sensation from sexual intercourse as a result of vaginal rejuvenation treatment. This is because coming close and intimate with your partner is an important part of a relationship and it truly deserves priority.

If you are suffering from any form of vaginal dryness, or some other hormone related issue, by carrying out the laser vaginal rejuvenation Dubai, you can regain your youth back. The treatment helps in restoring normal vaginal elasticity, moisture, and function in just a few sessions. It is painless and effective. So if you are planning to get it done, here is what you need to know before going for a vaginal rejuvenation treatment in Dubai.

How it affects your estrogen and vaginal health?

Once you reach your late 30s, your estrogen starts to drop, thus preparing your body for menopause. As the process accelerates, you will tend to get various symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, and mood changes, lower estrogen levels can also have a reflective effect on your vaginal and urethral tissues, thus making them to become weaker and less tighter than they were before.

laser vaginal rejuvenation

So if you are going for laser vaginal rejuvenation in Dubai, these symptoms are most likely to get better. Estrogen levels can also be reduced by various other reasons such as chronic stress, smoking, excessive drinking, certain medications, and cancer treatment.

A detailed idea of laser vaginal rejuvenation

A lot of people go for hormonal treatment therapy, to reduce these pre and postmenopausal symptoms. However, the treatment isn’t safe for everyone and can give rise to a lot of other health problems. So instead of going for HRT, try laser vaginal rejuvenation treatment which can address your vaginal and urinary problem in a far better way. The process can prevent vaginal dryness and can stave you off from the mess of using lubricants for vaginal dryness. A laser vaginal rejuvenation can treat:

• Vaginal dryness, burning, or itching
• Painful intercourse or sexual dysfunction
• Frequent vaginal infections
• Stress, urge, or mixed urinary incontinence
• Chronic urinary tract infections

It is safe and long lasting

Get the best of laser vaginal treatment and effectively reduce the bothersome effects of lowered estrogen. It rejuvenates the dead skin cells of the vaginal area and restores the normal elements of the vaginal tissue. This includes restoration of collagen, glycogen and hyaluronic acid.

The treatment has a 100% success rate and will help you feel young and fresh. With a vagina that looks and feels younger, you can enjoy greater confidence, both in your femininity and in your sexuality. So go for the laser vaginal rejuvenation in Dubai today!

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