Shoroq Al Malki, Clinical Nutritionist

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Shoroq Al Malki

Clinical Dietician, Nutrition & Inch Loss

Shoroq AL Malki is a registered Clinical Dietician who graduated with a BSc in nutrition from Birzeit University in 2011. She has since practiced in government institutions and private clinics in Dubai helping bring a positive change in people’s lives.

She has been featured on many TV and Radio stations throughout the Arab world like MBC, Al Arabiya TV, Al Ain News TV, Sama Al Ain, Sama AL Khaleej TV, Noor Dubai Radio with nutrition and slimming advices. Shoroq has written many articles in WebTeb, Kul’ Al Usra, Health Mag, etc about metabolism and how to decrease insulin levels, about diet & weight loss, also how to combine nutrition with HD Slimming technology for instant fat loss results.

Shoroq believes that “while most of us aim for a healthy lifestyle, there comes a time when you need the guidance and expertise of a specialist to help you achieve those weight and fat loss goals. I am a specialist who believes in the importance of eating wholefoods, also combining nutrition with slimming treatments for best results.

Shoroq Al Malki offers individualized nutrition evaluations, assessments and medical consultations, which ensure that you are on track to preventing nutrition-related diseases and improving your overall health.

Shoroq consults patients over a range of health concerns including obesity, diabetes or pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, nutrition & dietary guidelines for those who underwent bariatric surgeries, weight loss programs, sports nutrition, slimming and inch loss. She also presents to a variety of corporate companies, motivating people for wellness and lifestyle challenges.

She offers customized nutrition consultations with BMI Assessment for:

Weight Loss Management, Sports Nutrition, Cardiovascular Health, Diabetes

Slimming and Inch Loss: Customized Nutrition plans combined with the HD Slimming programs that are tailor made for fat loss and instant reduction in circumference.

 To set up an individualized Nutrition and HD Slimming program, please contact Wellbeing Medical Centre on 043484406 or 0562705599 or ask for more details at our clinic reception.