Dr Angela Scerbacov, Aesthetic Doctor

Dr Angela Scerbacov

GP Doctor Aesthetician


Certified by the American Academy of Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine

With over a decade of experience and aesthetic certifications from Europe and UAE,  Dr Angela offers advanced cosmetic injectables such as Anti-Wrinkle injections from both Allergan and Dysport brands, Dermal Fillers, HD Lips (Lip fillers with with unique technique of contour & cupid bow), , Baby botox & BioRevitalization, PRP (Hair & Face), MesoHair, Threads, Facial and Body Mesotherapy. Dr Angela is also a leading expert in the industry for fat dissolving injections such as Fat-Meso and Cell-u-Light Meso etc

With a love for aesthetics, Dr Angela’s aim is simple – to offer safe anti-aging treatments with excellent quality results. In the right hands and with the right products, cosmetic injectable treatments can help you achieve stunning but also natural-looking results.

Free Consultation with Dr Angela

04-348-44-06 or 056-270-55-99

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