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5 Benefits of Fat Freezing Treatment You Should Know

As the name suggests, fat freezing treatment deals with freezing of the fat, aiming to reduce it. It is a treatment with clinical approval with a professional process. It kills the fat-producing cells by breaking them down. Consequently, these cells are let out of the body.

The science behind it is, killing the fat inside the body without causing harm to it. Usually, fat reduction procedures undergo pain, pressure, or extreme temperature variations. Mostly, patients feel uneasy while undergoing such a process. However, going for a fat freezing treatment in Dubai with us has got many benefits which are of great relevance.Continue reading

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Get Rid Of That Excessive Fat On Your Body With A Simple Procedure

All women want a body that fits them. Thankfully today, women don’t have to go through long periods of dieting and exercising to lose some weight and slim down. There are several high-tech procedures available that make it extremely easy for someone to lose bodyweight.
At Wellbeing Medical Centre, we sustain exercise and a healthy diet. But, we also encourage you to try different procedures offered under our HD Slimming program created for fast inch loss.Continue reading

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Fat Freezing 101: All Your Myths Busted

Right after its introduction, fat freezing has always been a subject of controversies in the world of fat loss treatment. Also known as Cryolipolysis, fat freezing is one of the best non-surgical alternatives to the fat loss treatment Dubai offers.

People always look at fat freezing treatment with suspicion due to its non-invasive nature. On top of it, the myths attached to it contribute to the growing confusion about the treatment.Continue reading

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Lose Fat Without Any Surgical Process Through The Fat Freezing Treatment

Do you want a body that fits you without surgery or donwtime?

Getting rid of excess fat and slimming down is not as hard as before. You don’t have to spend money on surgeries with downtime to reach your ideal shape, all thanks to the latest technological advancements. And even though we encourage exercise and a healthy diet, we offer several fat loss treatment in Dubai.

At the Wellbeing Medical Centre, we have an HD Slimming program that has been known to be extremely effective. Through this approach, we use the latest technology to remove fat deposits using non-invasive methods. The program can be customized according to the patients. For this, we use a number of different treatments like Fat Freeze Cryolipolysis, Lipolysis, Radio Frequency, Vacuum RF, Pressotherapy, EMS, Infrared Wrap, Lymphatic Drainage, Muscle Toning, etc. The best part about all these procedures is that there will be no usage of anesthesia and no scars or down-time after the procedure.Continue reading

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Is Fat Loss Treatment a good option?

Sometimes regular exercising and a healthy diet are not enough for shedding those extra pockets of fat. In such cases, it might be time to turn to non-invasive fat loss procedures. But not everyone is comfortable with going through a surgical procedure for fat loss like liposuction. For such people, there are several fat loss procedures that are non-surgical, where you can have some weight loss as well.

Non-surgical fat reduction treatments are minimally invasive procedures where fat cells are selectively broken down to reduce the size of fat pockets. Each of these treatments is FDA-approved and can lead to fat loss without any downtime or surgery. One example of these fat loss treatments is Fat freezing. You can go through the procedure of fat freezing in Dubai at Wellbeing Medical Centre and other clinics in Dubai.

Also known as cryolipolysis, fat freezing is a procedure in which the fat is reduced by freezing them for a certain period of time. It uses an innovative, patented technology called “Ice-shock-lipolysis™.” This method incorporates a technology: “ice-lipolysis™,” which is a controlled cooling system that can eliminate excess adipose cells without damaging the surrounding tissues.

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