Facelift Procedure – Everything You Need to Know

Do you often look in the mirror and wonder how you can make yourself look fresher and younger? Thankfully, now you have a solution that actually works – Skin tightening or Face Lift treatment.

Cosmetic science has come a long way. Surgical tightening is not your only option anymore when you would have to endure a lot of pain, risk, and a long recovery period. Today, customers like you want a non-invasive procedure that helps you get brighter, healthier, and younger-looking skin. Here is how the non-invasive procedure can benefit you:Continue reading

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Do Hair Loss Treatments Work?

For some people, baldness becomes a part of the aging process. However, for others, it is usually a source of distress. Millions of men and women all across the globe have been affected by hair loss. After years of research, we finally have a solution that works. But before we get into that, let’s discuss what exactly is the reason behind hair loss.Continue reading

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Porcelain Veneers – How they can give a makeover to your smile?

Porcelain Veneers are small chips made of porcelain that are customized for you to bond to the front of your teeth permanently. With these, you can cover any aesthetic or physical dental issues you are having. Veneers can be created from porcelain or from any resin composite materials. And even though resin veneers are more affordable, people prefer porcelain ones as they look more natural.Continue reading

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Everything You Need To Know About Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapy is a treatment method focusing on natural physical and evidence-based approaches for helping people get rid of the pain. It also promotes maintenance and restoration of healthy wellbeing. With the help of physiotherapy, you can recover from injury, have increased mobility, prevent further injury, and reduce stiffness and pain. Basically, it helps you make the most of your life. Physiotherapists can be considered as movement specialists who create a tailored treatment for you depending on your condition.Continue reading

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Get Rid Of That Excessive Fat On Your Body With A Simple Procedure

All women want a body that fits them. Thankfully today, women don’t have to go through long periods of dieting and exercising to lose some weight and slim down. There are several high-tech procedures available that make it extremely easy for someone to lose bodyweight.
At Wellbeing Medical Centre, we sustain exercise and a healthy diet. But, we also encourage you to try different procedures offered under our HD Slimming program created for fast inch loss.Continue reading

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Benefits Of Getting Your Stretch Marks Removed

Are you tired of seeing stretch marks on your body? Odds are, your answer is yes. Stretch Marks is a common issue that mostly affects women. However, some people are more prone to stretch marks development than others. Women, all over the world, have been dealing with stretch marks. These can cause your skin to look worn making a negative impact on your appearance. Thanks to the advancement in the field of medical sciences, you don’t have to live with this issue anymore. There are a lot of treatments available for stretch marks removal; the most popular one being the laser stretch mark removal. Wellbeing Medical Centre provides the best procedure for stretch mark removal Dubai.Continue reading

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When Should You Take The Physiotherapy Treatment?

In most cases, people associate physiotherapy with an injured athlete or a disabled person learning to move. However, physiotherapy is a much wider branch with a wider scope of treating people suffering from several day-to-day problems. Physiotherapy is the efficient treatment of such underlying body issues. Our Dubai physiotherapy clinic pays exclusive attention to give your body the relaxation it deserves. But, you must know the signs to understand when you need physiotherapy.Continue reading

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What To Expect During Your Root Canal Procedure?

Tooth problems can be absolute nightmares. Despite being a quite common medical procedure, root canal treatment remains to be one of the most feared treatments. However, that’s only a myth. How? Let us explain to you in detail everything you should expect while having a root canal treatment.

Signs You Need A Root Canal

We, at Wellbeing Medical Centre, have a team of experts to guide you through root canal treatment. Following are the signs and symptoms to let you know that you need root canal treatment.Continue reading

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Combat Hair Loss With The Best Hair Loss Treatment In Dubai

Hair loss is both a common and excruciatingly frustrating issue for men and women alike. There are so many reasons behind the degeneration of hair. It can be genetic, it can be due to improper hygiene, or just simply because of aging. Some people face massive hair loss because of some underlying medical issue while others face it due to environmental conditions.

Nevertheless, science has become advanced enough to help you avoid the problem of hair loss completely. Wellbeing Medical Centre provides the best hair loss therapy in Dubai to enhance the possibilities of delayed or complete prevention of hair loss.

Continue reading

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Best Aesthetic Treatments To Help You Look Younger And Brighter

The cosmetic and aesthetic sector is rapidly growing all across the world. With new technologies, we are now better capable of fighting the signs of aging and taking control of our appearance. However, it is important that you don’t take such procedures lightly. Like any other medical treatment, aesthetic treatments come with risks that you should be aware of. If the procedures are performed incorrectly, they can leave distress and lasting damageContinue reading

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