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Our Team


All the services at Wellbeing Medical Centre, Dubai, are administered by a team of internationally qualified, highly educated, motivated and involved professionals who are licensed by the Department of Health.The primary aim of our doctors and practitioners is to deliver the most effective treatments possible, based on open communication and trust between our doctors and patients.

We are committed to delivering outstanding service and you will be treated with courtesy and respect at all times by our friendly and helpful staff. Thank you for placing your trust in Wellbeing Medical Centre′s services. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Medical & Alternative

Dr Gary FItzgerald

Dr Gary Fitzgerald

Gabriela Maier

Gabriela Maier
Senior Physiotherapist


Mary Basuel
Assistant Physiotherapist

Dr Margaret Van Spronsen

Dr Margaret Spronsen
General Practitioner

Aesthetics & Cosmetic Surgery

Olimpia Carmen

Olimpia Carmen
Skin Care & Lasers
Anti-Aging Expert

Olena Ryasna

Olena Ryasna
Lasers, Skin Care
& Inch Loss Specialist

Dr Tamara

Dr Tamara Petrovic
Plastic Surgeon
Reconstructive Surgery

Slimming & Inch Loss


Lorna Guinto
Massage Therapist
Slimming, Inch Loss


Junalyn Subia
Massage Therapist


Svetlana Skorodumova
Massage Therapist
Slimming, Inch Loss


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